Our Services

Supporting our clients, not only in navigating through immediate challenges of the complex & fast-evolving operational environments, but also in “de-risking” the adoption of reliable management solutions for their next step of growth.

Archon Maritime & Trading is dedicated to help business environments to protect and respectfully use oceans, offshore & marine assets & resources, preserving the heritage and legacy of shipping for future generations


Ship Management

With over 35 years’ experience in managing vessels in shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors, Archon is committed to delivering safe and compliant operations through transparency, pro-activeness, and strong partnerships.
Archon provides a full range of ship management and marine support services to ship owners and operators around the globe, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs.

Offshore Engineering

We are delivering a truly end-to-end service to our customers. We deliver commercial and technical knowledge and support, and the power to put it into practice through site services and in life maintenance. Archon applies a vast knowledge of standards and regulations to offer dedicated support in customized training, spare parts, upgrades and tailored maintenance programs and projects, retaining vigilance and full control from conception to completion and beyond.

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Energy Oil & Gas

Archon together with its partners, assist clients to manage the challenges in the oil and gas sector, companies that will need to reassess their business strategies and decide what their role and identity will be in an evolving energy landscape.
We help companies to focus on developing trading strategies, find resources, diversify through strategic acquisitions or by embracing other energy capabilities, or go all-in on new technologies in energy resource development.

Project Management & Consultancy

Archon provides expert advice to its customers. A project management consultant that provides expert project management advice to external businesses in order assist them on their business development and strategy set.
Archon provides a project management approach developed in a more flexible and efficient way to get your tasks moving. Our scope is to move quickly and easily. Therefore, our approach enables project teams to adapt faster and easier compared to other project methodologies.

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Management Systems

An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a single system incorporating the requirements of two or more auditable standards. Our company provides on-site and customized consultancy for any combination which includes one or several different standards, tailor-made to your organization’s processes. Our consultancy services, have a time proven four-phase System Implementation Procedure which has guided a large number of companies through the implementation and development of an Integrated Management System.

Technical Services

We design, create, and deliver innovative engineering solutions. We serve the energy, maritime, defense, and other industrial sectors. We design innovative engineering solutions that can be created and delivered across our group of businesses.
When our clients come to us with brand new engineering challenges we design solutions, identify the necessary components, and deliver them on site. From strategic thinking to small-scale challenges, we’re devising solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals. Our Design. Create. Deliver approach, along with our investment in R&D, creates a resilient and adaptable chain to support transition.

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Crew management

Our Crew Management services are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for maritime operations.
Our Services include all you need to achieve an efficient ship operation and crew deployment. You are always able to an insight in crew management, crew history, reporting as well as a holistic approach on the Human Element.


Together with our partners, we provide customized training solutions in oil, gas and energy industry. We strive to deliver excellence with each course session. Quality is always at the core of what we do. Our courses, developed and taught exclusively by true experts, while training sessions equip our clients with powerful skills to remain competitive in an increasingly complex industry. We accelerate careers and empower people, striving to achieve the best possible results.


Audits & Inspections

Archon’s global network offers inspection and audit services for Management Systems certification, Condition Assessments, Verifications and Compliance, including for special environments such as hazardous locations.

Pre-Vetting & HSQE

Our HSQE and Vetting Services links safety management systems, risk mitigation, inspection, and management of change, in a comprehensive compliance management process to ensure safe and compliant operations. We follow-up all new developments in the Oil & Gas Industry through our continuous monitoring and relationship with Industry’s Stakeholders.

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Communications & Data Management

Understanding the Vision Behind Communications & Data Management today is a dynamic and complex task. We assist to create an optimized, fully customized, stable and speedy environment to become an essential utility, and not just for communication and access to information, but to ensure optimized operations. More and more organizations are deploying ERP infrastructure to support an increase their demand in complex operations and processes.

Trade & Commerce

Archon through strategic agreements with worldwide Major Partners, succeeds to deliver turn-key solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry. All our transactions & processes are done through transparency, pro-activeness, and strong partnerships.



We have created strong relationships with large Yacht Design & Building entities that can provide sophisticated solutions to the Yachting Industry. Archon can also provide Maintenance & Repair Services through its experienced and qualified teams worldwide.

Aerospace & Defense

Archon through its partnerships, can provide and support clients in transactions and strategy engagements across the supply chain for aviation & aerospace companies. We address defense, commercial, business, and general aviation segments, especially in the Drone & Anti-Drone Systems. Our partners have extensive experience assisting in aftermarket production, maintenance, repair and overhaul, Used Serviceable Materials, and flight operations, as well as related technologies and services.