We are under development of our first Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (ESG).

The purpose of this report is to share our annual ESG performance, the progress made on specific elements and disclose our commitment towards the industries we serve by continuous improvement.


It is our responsibility to perform the best we can to maintain sustainable operations at sea, always functioning with the outmost respect for sea life, environmental protection and efficiency targets, beyond the requirements of rules & regulations imposed by the maritime industry.


Our company’s mission is to strive towards the achievement of maximum energy efficiency, both ashore and at sea. We set energy consumption targets of our own initiative, always aiming towards maximizing energy performance, beyond the obligatory requirements of the industry’s international standards.


Environmental management is our top priority and an integral process towards sustainable development. We develop, implement and maintain procedures aiming in maintaining clean seas and environment, free from pollutants damaging to sea life.
We constantly ensure that awareness is raised within our organization, encouraging respect for the environment, and promoting an attitude of responsibility towards environmental matters.
We promote environmental awareness and encourage our employees to contribute to a sustainable future.